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I do not know how much influence I have the police here because it was the school that reported to the police and not me. Men som sagt, om han är under 16 spelar det ingen roll eftersom minderåriga kan inte bli straffade för något. Funny, I thought this sub was for OPs to connect to knowledgeable people and get relevant advice. Damages I hesitate a little on. For it would be tremendously good isådanafall.

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As it happened in schoolit is easy to say " ah just youth drama" but take pictures of your injuries if you ever change your mind.

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See our list of megathreads before posting your question. The test is what men of common intelligence would understand would be words likely to cause an average addressee to fight. Because now no one can correct misinformation or even follow what's going on. Sad to hearabuse is the mistreatment and a fairly major violation I experienced it thatno matter where it is. Is there a chance for a prison sentence for the guy? Submit a new text post. I sverige kan man även betala skattestånd för mindre seriös misshandel så du kan lätt få säker kr från honom om du nu vill.

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